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Interview mit einem Austauschstudenten in Corona Zeiten

Questions: Nadine Scholz, WS2020/21
Answers: Alan

Hey Alan, I hope you are enjoying your last few weeks as an international incoming student abroad at h_da. Summing up, do you think the semester abroad during the pandemic was worth it?

This semester in strange times made me look at the world in a different way, besides providing a deep process of self-knowledge, as well as improving skills in German, English and engineering. No doubt about it, it is a different and sometimes difficult semester, but I would do it all again, I think I grew a lot with experience! 

Are you planning on another semester abroad when the pandemic is over?

Yes, I would like to finish my bachelor’s in Brazil first and come back to Darmstadt! Thereby, I am planning to do the International Master Program at h_da. I think it is an excellent opportunity, as I have known a little about the campus, professors and now I know how things work here! I hope to do another program here again! ?

Your impressions on Darmstadt and Germany. Do you have the feeling you were still able to get to know the city + country even though exploring was kind of difficult sometimes  ?

Darmstadt provides good opportunities to know Germany, as the city is in Germany’s heart and has excellent transport. Furthermore, Darmstadt is relatively next to sightseeings in Germany as Heidelberg, Marburg, Frankfurt. I enjoyed it as much as possible, mainly at the beginning of the exchange in October. I have plans to explore other cities like Berlin and Munich but after lockdown time! 

Do you think you got to know German people and culture even though you couldn’t really meet new people during lockdown? 

Well, the biggest hurdle to overtake in the winter 20/21 exchange program, to know German people. It is and was a big challenge since we can’t go to h_da and there are many rules regarding meets and so on… it is the hardpoint at this moment. I didn’t know many people, to be honest, but it is ok for me. I expect when lockdown finishes, it will be better to get in contact with other people. Now, after four months, I can say that I know Germans behave a little bit. 😀 

Was it hard to get to know local students during online classes?

As I said before, this topic was a big challenge. Furthermore, the virtual classes don’t allow you to present yourself, talk about Brazil :D, football and beaches, the contact was restrict.  I didn’t see the opportunity to know many people here, but the sun is coming and it will be better, for sure!